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Terms & Conditions


  1. Please confirm the date minimum 2 weeks – 1 month before, so you can secure our campervan on your trip of date. Contact admin for our campervans availability or check availibility on our website.
  2. The listed price is per night, with check-in at 2:00 PM and check-out at 12:00 PM. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for information regarding our overtime policy in case of late check-out.
  3. Booking can not be done without Payment
  4. We will collect the deposit, Rp 500.000/unit by cash or bank transfer. And all the deposit will be returned after the checking process is complete without any damage and loss.  (For bank transfer, the process will be max 2 days after handover)
  5. Deposit applicable for every renter, it is still excluded if you choose “Travel Ease Coverage”
  6. All payment can be done through our website (Except Deposit, we will collect you when handover at meeting point)
  7. You can book the campervan through our website with Full Payment. Payment can be done with Credit Card, Debit Card, OVO, DANA, GOPAY, and other payment option like INDOMARET, KREDIVO, AKULAKU, ETC
  8. Payment is unrefundable. You can still change the date of trip (max. 7 days before) depends our availibility and move to another name of group with the same booking but not different package.
  9. Camper Republik can cancel the booking with existing conditions beyond the ability and Down Payment can be returned 100%
  10. If there are any lost items and damage during your trip, you are required to pay compensations for the amount of lost items / damage (inventory loss and damage list provided on the campervan dashboard)

After you process the booking, we assume you understand and agree to all the above and below agreements.



  • Booking or reservation for our campervan rental is free of charge.
  • Orders only can be made by our official Website or manually on our WhatsApp official if there is any trouble.
  • Before you make an order, please read the terms and conditions that apply to Camper Republik.
  • The price for renting a campervan that we list on our website and social media is a net price, valid for Indonesian citizens (WNI) who have ID cards and foreign nationals who have passports.
  • Tenants are required to provide complete personal data to Camper Republik. Such as the address of the residence according to the KTP / Passport, the name of the place to stay such as a hotel, villa along with the room number. Camper Republik will not use personal data from tenants other than for the purpose of renting a campervan.
  • A campervan rental without a driver / self-drive rental car, the lessee or the driver who will drive the campervan is required to have a valid SIM A or International Driver License.
  • Drivers or customers are required to send Camper Republik a photo of a Category A SIM (Driving License) or a valid International Driver License. The name on the driver's license matches the name of the tenant or driver.
  • Then the order or driver must provide a photo of an identity card in the form of a valid KTP / Passport and KK (Kartu Keluarga) for WNI. The name on the KTP or Passport matches the name of the tenant or driver.
  • The campervan renter or driver must provide a link to the renter's or driver's social media account in the form of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Especially for Instagram, not a private account.
  • At the time of booking the tenant or driver is required to pay a campervan rental deposit in the amount of IDR 500,000.
  • After that, the renter or campervan driver must inform the Camper Republik, in the form of the driver's or tenant's bank account number when delivering the campervan. The bank account number must match the name of the tenant or driver.
  • The purpose of the account number is so that we can return customer or driver deposit payments when the campervan rental is over.
  • Furthermore, special requests from drivers or campervan renters are all subject to availability.
  • The campervan rental requirements above must be fulfilled by the renter or driver at least 24 hours before the rental date starts. These requirements can be sent via WhatsApp or email media.
  • Camper Republik has the right to refuse a customer's order, if the customer shows disrespectful behavior, insults, insults, commits acts of violence.




 The driver must show several original documents according to those sent when ordering a campervan rental. The driver's documents are in the form of a KTP, SIM A/International Driver License, Family Card and other documents that Republic Campers need.

  • Our employees who send vehicles will match the documents we previously received with the original documents provided by the driver. If the original document with the document previously sent to Camper Republik does not match. So the Camper Republik has the right not to give the campervan rental vehicle to the driver.
  • Without deposit payment, our employees have the right to refuse the order and have the full right not to give the vehicle to the driver.
  • At the time of handing over the campervan, the driver is required to check the condition of the campervan rental, if there is something missing, please convey it directly to our employees at the campervan handover location.
  • Then the driver or lessee is required to read the terms and conditions of the campervan rental agreement in the form.
  • If the driver and tenant have agreed, please sign the rental agreement.




  • Drivers and passengers are not allowed to smoke and eat (heavy meals) in the campervan cabin. If at the time of returning the campervan we find out that the driver or passenger smokes and leaves stains in the campervan cabin/campervan sheet. Then the driver or renter will be charged an additional fee
  • Then tenants or drivers are not allowed to bring pets into the campervan cabin
  • Drivers or vehicle renters may not give the campervan rental to other parties, rent the campervan back to others, pawn the campervan, or disassemble the campervan.
  • Use of a campervan that violates applicable laws and regulations is the full responsibility of the driver or lessee.
  • Drivers are strictly prohibited from driving a rental campervan while drunk or taking illegal drugs. In addition, the use of campervans may only be used on the highway.
  • Our rental campervans are not allowed for off-road use.
  • Camper Republik has full rights to take the rented campervan if the lessee or the driver uses the rental vehicle not for transportation purposes such as for racing, the driver or the renter violates applicable laws and regulations.
  • If there is a traffic accident while using the campervan, the driver or renter must contact Camper Republik.




  •  The return of the campervan by the driver or renter must be in accordance with the date and time of the campervan return agreement.
  • When the renter or driver returns the rented campervan, it must be fully refueled
  • If the driver or lessee when returning the campervan rental, you can see that the fuel gauge in the campervan is less than the volume at the time of receipt of the vehicle, then the driver or lessee will be billed for fuel shortages.
  • The condition of the rental vehicle must be the same as when the driver or lessee received the campervan.
  • Loss of equipment in the rental campervan, loss of spare tires, loss of campervan accessories, loss of vehicle registration number (STNK), loss of campervan keys, loss of campervan audio. Then the full cost of replacing the loss is the responsibility of the renter or campervan driver.
  • If there is a parking fee fine, the driver is fined either manually or electronically, during the time the vehicle is rented, it will be the driver's responsibility.
  • Camper Republic will take the tenant's or driver's deposit to cover parking fines, electronic ticket fees, and costs for repairing damage to the campervan.
  • If the driver, passenger or renter leaves things in the campervan cabin, then the campervan is returned to Camper Republik. Then Camper Republik is not responsible for losing these items.




  •  Accidents that result in damage to the vehicle, such as a scuffed or dented campervan due to the fault of the tenant or driver. Both damage to the campervan was done intentionally or unintentionally. Then the driver or tenant will be charged a fee of Rp. 300,000/panel for the cost of vehicle damage insurance claims. This policy is only for campervans that experience minor damage. Except, tenants use "Travel Ease Coverage" from Camper Republic, which can cover all minor damage. Travel Ease Coverage fee of IDR 100,000/day
  • Major or severe damage to the campervan resulting in holes in the campervan, the campervan being unable to walk, the campervan being burned or the campervan glass being broken which was caused by the negligence of the tenant or driver, either intentionally or unintentionally. Then an insurance claim fee of Rp. 3,000,000. Then the driver or lessee will be charged a campervan rental fee while the vehicle is being repaired at the workshop, which is calculated according to the daily rental price of the campervan that is undergoing repairs.
  • In the event of major damage such as engine failure due to a collision, damage to vehicle parts caused by usage or accidents, the renter is obligated to bear the cost of repairs at the workshop (either independently or facilitated by us). The renter must also pay for the car rental during the period the vehicle is being repaired at the workshop until the car is ready to operate again.
  • If the rental campervan is used on a road that is not appropriate for the campervan to pass through. As in extreme terrain for off-road, muddy, rocky terrain or steep hill areas. So all damage due to the use of the above, is fully borne by the vehicle renter or campervan driver.
  • Campervan rental for racing activities, we do not allow official or unofficial races. If there is damage to the vehicle, then all damage due to the use of the above, is fully borne by the vehicle renter. In addition, we have full right to take the rental campervan, if we find out that using the campervan is inappropriate.




  •  If the use of the campervan rental by the lessee or the driver exceeds the agreed time of the vehicle rental agreement. Then the driver or lessee is required to pay an overtime fee of IDR 100,000/hour, with a maximum delay of 2 hours.
  • If the overtime for using the rental vehicle exceeds 2 hours from the time of returning the vehicle that has been previously agreed upon, then a campervan rental fee will be calculated for 1 day.
  • In order not to be subject to campervan rental overtime fees, it is hoped that the lessee or driver will return the campervan rental according to the return date and time agreed upon in the initial agreement.