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Story of Camper Republik

A dedicated project for Indonesia beauty and culture

Camper Republik is a company under PT. Camper Republik Nusantara and is headquartered in Jakarta and has a branch in Bali and Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Camper Republik is a work and realization of the owners to bring a campervan trend to Indonesia. The owners have planned to make a campervan hire brand in Indonesia from 2019, it all started from the owners hobbies that loves to travel and adventuring with campervan across Australia and New Zealand.

However, the owners feel the nature and culture in Indonesia has so much to offer and is interesting for everyone to see. The owners believed and felt confident enough to bring a campervan trend to be marketed in Indonesia so the locals and foreign tourists could see and explore the beauty of nature and culture of Indonesia with Camper Republik.

Indeed, there are several problems we found in Indonesia with this campervan trend, one of them is the unlimited camping ground locations, lots of damaged roads and security issues. However, as best as we can, Camper Republik will minimize any of the inconvenience with our best services as possible. We provide a service admin that will be available 24/7 to solve any problem with the routes, locations or any problems during the trips.

We have a vision to make a campervan trend to be loved by the Indonesians itself and tourists from all around the world to explore Indonesia. We have a plan ahead to make a camping ground facility and travel app to make your campervan trip a lot more easier, comfortable and affordable.

Welcome to Camper Republik, you guys are welcomed anytime and we are ready to serve you.